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Welcome to MEat

Work in this "Real Life Simulation", working in a Fast Food Joint.
Serve VERY hungry customers, clean tables & hope your manager doesn't find ANY issues with your tasty meat.. you serve.

Part of the Mind Projections Collection.


Inspired by an older prototype I created 2 years ago.
Soundtracks in-game were created by me, non-copyrighted :)


Left Click: Interact
Right Click: Throw Burger
WASD: Move
Shift: Run

Key Features:

  • Horror Elements
  • Fast Food Simulator
  • Cartoon Retro Style.
  • Save & Load System (When the Next Shift Starts It Saves)
  • The Beginning of the MEat universe
  • Incoming 2.0 UPDATE soon...
  • Difficulty Update OUT now!

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anOVERTHINKER         Entrex             RuttaRazzo

 (Developer)                  (Modeler)    (Character Design)





Thank you for Checking our Page Out!
Have Fun :)

Love Ya!




Buy Now$1.04 USD or more

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Hey saw the game on a video and thought it was really cool, great model and art style really, quick question:
Is it still being updated or has it been discontinued? (Bought it anyways, hope it updates if not yet completed :D)

Hey it's completed! But There is an update I was planning that expands the lore & Gameplay, but its TBA right now :)
Currently working on another project!
Thank you buying my weird little game haa!!! :D <3 
any questions or feedback, reach me here, or twitter!


Thanks for answering my question wasn't sure if it was abandoned or not because the last comment was 5 months ago lol
I look forward to the next project (will be checking your twitter page for updates on it, keep up on the great work)

Haa Gotcha! Ya I get buys, but not much comment activity :p
Much love <3

Really good game ! 

What is your game engine ?


Appreciate it!!!

Unreal Engine 4 :)


It’s quite a bit harder than I thought lol but really a lot of fun. Definitely worth the $1. If you want to see some of the gameplay I did make a video if you wanna check it out. Thanks so much for this creepy as frick game 💖😆

Much love Lainey!!!!!!! :)



I love a game with challenge, humor and chaos LOL!  This video is me learning the ropes and finishing shift one. I've made it as far as the dishes level but had to stop because it was crushing my soul and I had been recording for a while. Great work! I have a feeling that HORDES will flock to this game. 

Aha Gotta love it ;D Good luck Khaos!

is there a different menu for people? I did make the burger but some people wouldn't take it. I looked up the menu and they are all the same order. Not sure if I did something wrong :/ There are 3 screens and they all showed the same burger.

Did you look at the Raw and Cooked Icon? :) Pink Square is raw and the brown square is cooked.
Make sure it's not overcooked as well,which turns Black!
Let me know if that helped!

Hi! Enjoying your game!  There seems to be a bug though. When washing the dishes, I can't move away from the sink and I get stuck in the water and there's an invisible wall.  I have replicated the same problem twice now. 

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Gotcha! I know exactly where that wall is. After the manager opens the backdoor, and closes it , the wall should go away. :) If not, i'll look into it. I appreciate the kind words hehe

Oh & do you see the manager come out and open the back door to walk to the back?

One time, the manager went into his office, and never came out again.  The other time, he walked into the freezer and got a trash bag, then stayed in front of the freezer looking at me.

I wondered if maybe he's not completing his AI script, and the wall is to prevent me from interrupting it or something.  I hope my description helps you!  :)

oh yes that's perfeccttttt, patch will out come out between 5-7 pm pst :) I appreciate it Jannie!!! I know whats causing it! I just need to make a fail safe script just in case :D

Potential fix up, if you still have problems, let me know and I'll provide an email that you can send me more details or a photo if you may, thank youuuu! ^_^

after I pickup the ketchup, I'm not able to pick up anything else. Is their a button to put things down? 

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Hey, you have to throw things away! :) The trash cans you see, just left click on it when you have something in your hand.

ohhhh okay thank you!! The 

No worries, if you need anything else, just reply back ^_^ <3

Also, the game has been updated so if anyone has stacked on top of each other ingame, please update, your save should still work! ^_^