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I hope all is okay with you!
Let's just jump to the good stuff shall we?


The Night Before MEat.... is OUT!

Santa arrive in a neighborhood, losing your powers all of a sudden. Having just a few presents left, you choose to deliver them before you go back to headquarters. The thing never make it back.

  • Full Santa Experience.
  • Deliver Presents to Different Structured Houses.
  • Traps & Naughty Kids Await.
  • Find Keys To Open Doors & Windows.
  • Randomly Placed Key Locations On Each Playthrough/Loss.
  • MEat Universe Continuation.




Difficulty Update!
Easy, Normal & Hard Mode has been added.
I'm looking into adding drinks, changing the way Mr. Fred alters and adding a whole new section at a meat factory. 
Release Date TBA.


This is our last "small" game release. These two games were a helpful insight on how  we could create games with a good base of content while learning a few new things in a time constraint.
Good News! We were able to do it, so we're focusing on a bigger scope.
We have 3-4 games coming out this year on Steam & Itch.
2-3 Horror, 1 Cute Artsy Games.
Our First "Official" Horror Game is an Anthology.

Super Excited on that!

That's it!




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