What's Coming?

Heyyyyyy <3

First off, I wanted to Say thank you for the Support on MEat! ^_^
Being our First Game, with no big following or a voice, I really appreciate the support!!!!!!
The worlds at a crazy place right now.
& all we can do is move forward with your dreams intact.
MEat was just the start of a certain universe in our Mind Projections...Project.
We have a NEW game coming out called, The Night Before MEat.
Deliver Presents as Santa to a Neighborhood.
A Neighborhood that stopped Santa from delivering present EVER again.
It's another small game in the same universe as MEat.
It will come out in about 2-3 weeks.
I hope you continue supporting our projects,
The next few games coming next year is going to be Bigger and a Doozy.

Oh! Before I forget,
MEat is getting a 2.0 upgrade soon,
New content inside the restaurant, and an extra amount of gameplay when you go outside in the world to investigate.
See you soon.



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