Subtitles Unleashed!!!

Well! I lied! I said 2 weeks, it took 2 days!

English SUBTITLES is OUT!!!!

It's enabled automatically, but you may disable it!
I fixed some bugs too!

Patch Notes:


  • Not a bug, BUT being able to see those 2  words that were cut off is a bit important!

I Think I Hit Something:

  • Improved the car acceleration at the end!

Sheep's Gun:

  • Player's die if they kill a Ghost before the body cam is back to normal.. You people were too Trigger Happy, so you're unable to do that now! ;D Fixed.
  • Fixed Animation Trigger, if Ghost receives a headshot while attacking!
  • Unable to shoot or reload on scenes deemed not needed.

Let me know if a word is misspelled or subtitles don't work!!!!
I'm the only one testing right now!

Thank you!!!! Spread the love around!!! :)

Files 4 GB
Version 10 Nov 19, 2022

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