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Bite Size Terrors are small experimental horror experiences.
Each with their own unique genres and styles..

This is...

A Short Very Uncanny Horror Game,
Focusing on Darkness.

Answering to your Prayers, you get teleported into Salvation's land.


What answered your Prayer?

You should be able to see in Rooms that have lights, if not adjust your brightness. 
Careful not to make it too bright,
it might remove most of the tensions in-game.

Created by 



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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Experimental, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine, weird


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Version 9

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I feel the game was interesting for sure to play and unsettling, loved it. Here my reaction to playing threw game. ❤️


Что это было))???



Short, silly moment in Erobos Heaven

this game had me in a chokehold!

This game had a great concept, atmosphere, setting, monster, pretty much everything was cool about it. The one big complaint I have is that for the portions of the game that the house was dark, navigation was very difficult since I could only see by looking at the floor or walls. This made it hard to find the next place to progress the story.


Thank you :)

That is the point, it's a game about darkness. You don't miss much by looking at the floor, since most of the scenes that have horror have lights or sound cues. :))

The fear by looking at the ground was the whole concept, if that didn't engage with you that's okay :D it wasn't for you hehe

Thank you for playing!


I understand that, thank you for replying to clarify it to me

All of your horror games have such a creepy look to them!  Always a great concept too, hope to see more like these.



Another solid game, good stuff

Full Play NO Commentary 


terrifying game!! Can't wait for the next one


thank you for this game, was absolutely scary, my favorite out of the 2 current bite size terrors series, CANT WAIT TO PLAY MORE !!! 

Amazing work, anOVERTHINKER. Love your games, congratulations


Made a shorts video from my playthrough! 


I love these games, the fear I feel is like no other horror game.

But yeah, now I hate kids



I almost quit a few times while trying to play this! It was sooooo good! Such a fantastic job! 


I thought this was good, a bit dark but that’s what makes it really creepy, oh, and that MAN-Kid (gotta Watch the video to understand) 



very weired
very weird game but loved every bit of i

i've been wondering, did you do the voice acting yourself for the protag & the monster? much like the game, it is just phenomenal. 


Yesss & Thank you!


I originally played See No Fear, and I was instantly hooked on the style of which you make these! the atmosphere is always so crushing, and the jumpscares are lethal. This has actually been the most scared I've been playing a game. I am looking forward to the next installment, awesome work again! 


Fantastic! So very Spooky!


Your horror game concepts are some of the best ever!  Hope to see more like this, and stuff from the Notebook Entries.



i havent played a game this scary in a long time great game!


Been a while since i jumped at something like this. That kid was beyond freaky. I am LOVING this series so far and i can't wait for the next one ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Another great game as expected! Looking forward to the third :D Thanks for your kind words on the video too ^^


This game had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I really enjoyed the build-up of atmosphere and how you created such a creepy environment in one house! Bravo on this and I hope to see more of the bite size terrors series, because I am really loving this! :) Can't wait until your next creation!!

this had me on edge for 30 minutes straight
(1 edit) (+1)

Who pissed my pants???

Absolutely loved and hated this game at the same time!
It did a very great job using darkness to keep me off balance and keeping me in a panic! The story was interesting and kept me wondering what was next with the feeling of the unknown!
Still want my 3 hugs!

It hit me with a few good scares on top of everything!

Only thing I really hated was how much it kept getting to me haha

It has been patched since I played and look forward to checking a few other things hinted by the dev! 

Again! Great Job Overthinker!

Excited to see what you craft up next!


As always, had an incredible time playing this game. anOVERTHINKER is definitely a favorite.  Sound design,  game design, voice acting,  storytelling. Amazing.


this game is super super creepy! really well done! 


Wow, this was a creepy, disturbing and akward (in a good way) experience. I like the fact that you can watch Night of the living dead :-) Can't wait for your next game.

Gameplay is in german though



10/10 very intense horror 💀

There’s nothing scarier than a game made by anOVERTHINKER. You exceeded my expectations 😱 keep ‘em coming 😂

You know a game has a profound impact when it's still on your mind days after playing.  Another wrk of art from anOVERTHINKER (I know I said iOverthinker in the video... was too late to correct =( ).


Another gem from anOVERTHINKER. This might be my favorite indie horror game in a while. I already loved the effort you put into the soundwork in your games, but this one was exceptionally effective in that regard.

Also, that enemy is something else, really disturbing.

Now to wait for the next one!

Ahhhhhh thank youuuu! Hehe

You flatter me, I really appreciate it so much! *High fives*

I'm starting the next one on Monday!!

Can't wait! :D

*High fives back*


Brilliance into making! 

Unfortunately, I did not purchase the game, although, I have seen multiple playthroughs and purely judging from it, the game is an absolute awe! I did not expect this level of tension, suspense and creepy atmosphere. 

I would not, that the game reminded me of a Shudder original movie "Skinamarink" - which is an amazing horror movie. That being said, this project elevates the 3 dimensional feel to the player and brings unique sequences of terror and despair.

Loved your previous works as well! Never give up on the horror mate. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 


╰⁠(⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠´⁠꒳⁠`⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠⸝⁠)⁠╯ yayy! 

Much love, Thank youuuu!


The parts where I had to maneuver through the darkness probably scared me the most. All in all another great game


I can't begin to express how continuously frightened this game made me. The sound, the voice acting, the darkness, the story, the monster design, it all came together in such a fantastic way to provide a truly immersive, genuinely scary experience. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment, this was next level horror!

This was such a unique experience that I won't forget. Maneuvering the darkness not knowing what lies ahead was absolutely terrifying, and don't get me started on the entity! My only issues with the game was that the voice acting seemed a little soft and quiet compared to most of the game, as well as the direction felt a little cloudy. I found myself wandering around for a big portion of the game confused what to do next (unless that was the intent). Other than that, this is a GREAT horror game that is TOTALLY worth the money spent! 

Thank you for the criticism:) I greatly appreciate it!

And wandering confused was the intent :) since you're transversing a house only, I wanted you to feel that darkness, never knowing what's coming !

And thank you so much for playinggggggg (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)


Is this after the don't look up. Love all these games

All my current games are in the same universe :)

I'm loving all of them its great world building. 


This was very bizarre! I loved the sudden tension when in places. 
Really kept me on edge and even made me question our character's mindset.
This game was very good, I liked it! And I had fun! Here is my playthrough with my final thoughts at the end! 

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