2.0 Coming Soon


This is a call for support <3

The new update is upon us, itch version will be updated free of charge.

But I'll be releasing on steam, improvements and new events are added.

If you do like the game or wanna give another play, please play it on Steam AND

Leave a REVIEW. 

It helps us lil people's, I would very very much appreciate it. Seriously, I kneel before you, please help (⁠ʘ⁠ᴗ⁠ʘ⁠✿⁠)

If you bought the game here, and want a steam key, msg me on twitter or here, I can send it via email 

Thank you, see you soon.

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Consider it reviewed at the time in which it is release on the future format stated in the about news post constructed with characters in which are arranged in a way that I understood while using my eyes to send the data to my brain process into understandable information to for a cognitive response to this message that I am typing right now using a simple keyboard!


Can I have a steam key please?

Hopefully the next update will resolve the performance issues I'm experiencing on my Steam Deck.



This game was not made for steam deck.

Performance was not changed since it made for PC's and no one had a problem there. 

In all honesty im afraid that if I would give you a key, you would give me a unfair negative for something I never stated it would work on . :(

Since you gave this game a a bad rating on itch for that reason .

Those ratings hurt us more than the public would know.

Thank you :)

I do agree that it has never been advertised that the game would support Steam Deck.
The rating I gave was honest and for my "keep history of the games I played and the issues I had", so to say 'for internal usage only". I have never thought that the rating I give highly affects the games I rate on itch.io. I was under impression that only Steam recommendations are based on ratings. My bad.
BTW, I really enjoyed "Notebook Entries Vol" bought on Steam. That little anthology was absolutely fantastic. Had no performance issues (maybe just a bit).
Thank you.

Thank you for the response!

If I get a steam deck to test my games, I wouldn't mind any negative reviews for it if it didn't work but I do not have one to test any of my games on.

The only reason Notebook entries was approved was that steams internal team tested my game on the steam deck, which was a surprise haa

I'll take a look to see if I can improve certain aspects before the release!

(⁠◡⁠ ⁠ω⁠ ⁠◡⁠)


Great! Thank you.
And I'll keep in mind your words about the rating system on itch.io.