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Nice fun little game it scared me a few times lol Good Atmosphere


Great concept and execution for this game, keep up the awesome work! Look forward to more of your games!

This game is so awesome! please make more of this! keep on going creating great games!

omg this game gave me goose bumps awesome game

Well made game! I loved the environment and the creepiness


this game was amazing it was very creepy its the first game in the video

My only wish is that this little game was longer.  The sound design is amazing.  The monster design, though simple in my opinion, is still really good for the setting.  Simple monster designs are sometimes the best!  I hope that I can play more of these in the future!  Amazing job guys!  Please continue to make awesome stuff like this.

This felt like a literal nightmare


if you enjoyed see no fear. Highly recommend Erobos Heaven. Also made by anOVERTHINKER!

Thank me later 🙂

definitely one of the best scary games I’ve played so far, the idea of being almost completely blind was GREAT! I wish this was a longer game because it was definitely fun & scary 

Awesome game, man! Creepy enviroment. I got lost at the middle but I found the path :)

Comments below clip:

Rebecca!!!!  Wandering through the forest. Wandering underground. Wondering where to go. Rebecca!!!! Is the stillness a sign? Are the sounds telling a story? Only one way to find out. Either watch or play the game.

Didn't run into any bugs, hiccups or snags. Kudos to all involved!


I liked this! The creepy sounds made my hands sweaty lol (Gameplay starts at 10:06)

Loved the Game!! German Gameplay here! <3 ↓

Great mini horror experience, looking forward to playing the other ones. Thanks! Rebecca did me dirty, smh

The sound design is amazing. Some times the best fear comes from what you hear, not see

This game is so awesome! please make more of this! keep on going creating great games!


Deine Brille ist kaputt und Pobacken verfolgen dich!!!!! || SeeNoFear [Deutsch/German]

This Game Was The Scariest Ive Played On This Video and The Jumpscare At The End Got Me Bad and The Crackling Gave Me The Creeps

This game is so awesome! please make more of this! keep on going creating great games!

operantly I played this game. very short first game 

I really enjoyed this! It was very well done, short but still captured a great creepy vibe/atmosphere and still hit me with some good jumpscares! If this becomes a series by the dev, I look forward to what comes next! Great Job!

OMG!! I freakin' LOVED this game!! It definitely got me shook!! A massive congrats on making this awesome game! This is my video of it, please take a look.

I am very confused, very scared, but very confused

Rebecca got what she deserved. 

Gameplay included on my list of 17 short horror games. Games either being played on PC or Steam Deck.

I was finally able to get this game out after playing it a few weeks ago and it was awesome, I must say! Atmosphere was killer, the story was super interesting, and the monster looked HORRIFYING. Great Work! 

Without a doubt; bang on atmosphere, great use of surroundings and pacing. Kept you constantly on edge even as I wasn't sure what to expect. Genuinely enjoyed it! That being said; I'm a dumb dumb and at two points wasn't sure what I was supposed to do (mainly looking under the table and backing up at the end). Also unsure if I was supposed to see something under the table? Definitely saw it skittering away at the peripherals on getting up though. But I enjoyed the hell out of this game, and look forward to whatever else you might make! 

Thank you very much,

Yaaaaaa, you're not, it's just new things I'm trying out that's others don't haa don't worry about it.

so the thing jumps and scatters behind the table, you look under to see if it's there but it's not.

So it lands on top of the table and scurries away.

I could've improved it, I had some ideas but the deed is done haa


Very buggy, it has a bug where you can see your cursor every time you turn your screen slightly to the left.

(2 edits)

wouldn't call that very haa but letting me know what you use would be useful,since you're the only one reporting that issue, like

Do you use 2 monitors? Did you close the game and open it again, did you ever alt tab, do you have a mouse Config program, Graphics card Version, etc? :)

Did you try vsync on?

Literally none of those things. I just turn the screen to the left and I can see it at the left side of the screen. Maybe it's because I have a high cursor speed or something because I'm playing on laptop and I use the laptop as a table for my mouse. There is another bug by the way, it is when I was stuck for a minute right before the door to the basement, I could move my screen but not my character, and then all of the sudden my character looked under the table for no reason  and at nothing. Then I could move again.

Absolutely creepy and very atmospheric, I really liked it!

Great game!!! Keep it up this one was definitely terrifying 



This game left me messed up. Great scary game. I decided to think that the poor vision was because of an injury. 


This game is so awesome! please make more of this! keep on going creating great games!

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