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I played "A Sheep's Gun" first and man that ending was a twist!



I finished the game, and chapters 4-8 did NOT disappoint. Your atmospheric immersion is next to none, and when you do it in a format where all the scenarios happen back to back, it makes for some REALLY engaging and scary gameplay. Those last 2 stories are some of my favorite pieces of work by you. I WILL be awaiting Vol. 2! 


A little late to the party, but I had to show my love and support and play this one. Only played chapters 1-3 in this video but I am FOR SURE coming back to finish the game. I will always love your style of making these games, and I really appreciate that you don't throw jumpscares in every second to get a reaction. Your atmosphere and story telling is KILLER. Awesome work per usual my friend.

Thank youuuu :))))

I don't like jumpscares unless they're earned and few ! 

Can't wait to see the rest!

Just recorded the rest today actually! You won't have to wait long at all :]

AH! Such a great set of games! Each with their own distinct flavor, story, creepiness and feel of play!

"Splitscreen," like I said in my first playthrough of Erobos Heaven, we arent friends anymore anOtherthinker! (joking) Because it was really getting to me! Been wanting to play a game like this for a long while! Really creepy, intense with the stealth, loved the backstory of the creepy rumor house, which I will lick the skins when I find them and make all the sounds!!!The split between cam and reality was so fun and unsettling!

"Just A Peep" was creepy in itself, the weirdness of peeping on others until you get peeped back! Enjoyed the style and the ending twist to the story about the world you live in.

"Intermission" can be intense as you try to pick the right moves at the speed of slow! I'll admit, I failed it a lot due to me on brainmeat blunders! But the style was awesome! The creature, Watcher, I really enjoyed them!

"I Think I Hit Something" gave me definitely the vibes of, just go and dont check what you hit with your car haha, the style was fun and the suspense build with some of the mechanics were enjoyable! Loved the character model!  

"Don't Look Up" Chill, insightful listening to the character chatting with themselves as you pass the faceless people, then chaos! It hits a different creep brainvein

"Repeat.Repeat.Compulsion" Was a different, imaginative experinece where you are left with quick choices and whatever you mind can form into your thoughtguts as you hear the panic and the entity coming for the character. Which, you learn the true monster, will admit, I repeated multiple times, like, embarrassing amount of times haha It's a fun one to watch other's play to see how they response and describe it.

"A Sheep's Gun" This one fascinated me, blasting through the entities but then that ending, I wanted to know so much more about that world, what happened, came in feeling like a bodycam horror cop house check to a fun supernatural event!

Great collection of games anOtherthinker and very well done!


this is a masterpiece, i love your stuff man


Great game I loved every bit of it here's the vid enjoy :} 


i'v paid two times but couldnt get the game


Oh my gosh, I'm so late to this, I didn't see the notification, that would be an issue on itch, you would have to msg them which I'm sure you have already :)


Sin duda es de lo mejor que he jugado de terror y eso que solo llevo "A Sheep's Gun" No puedo esperar a jugar los otros. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I really enojoyed these games. I think if u had a bigger budget or some budget at all u could create somthing really outstanding. All the concepts and game mechanics really impresed me. Although i think DONT LOOK UP could have more playtime or that appartment game but i enjoyed it too. Hope u making new stuff because i am a fan <3

yayy glad you liked them!! I totally agree, thank you for seeing the potential of this getting better with a budget!

The next is gonna be a doozy!! :D

Argh Splitscreen keeps crashing on me. Like, guaranteed every time, and everytime it's at a different point. Which is driving me nuts because I can't skip the lengthy intro.. but I really want to see what this one is about!

Hmmmmm. Can you attempt to play other chapters and see if they work?

If you want to go in order play just a peep and it'll continue from there.

When it always crashed, it was related to me playing with a keyboard and mouse.
I decided on a whim to switch to controller, and it seemed to work after that, and I was able to go through Splitscreen and the rest of the series without a crash. No clue why! I only have crazy theories.

At any rate, that thing was a total trip, great work. Really enjoyed the variety and creativity in all these short vignettes 💀 Repeat.Repeat.Compulsion. was the only one I had to abandon.

that's super strange ;D thank you thank you!!! It was fun making them, the next one's crazier haa


I love this game !

:) I saw your playthrough thank youuuu!!

Deleted 62 days ago

Oh my gosh! Yessss! You truly saw that effect! It's just something I felt listening to music and watching some old horror asian movies that triggered some emotional feelings to be brought into horror games. A part of me is in all these chapters, and I will continue that approach for vol.2. Thank you!!!!


What a great concept. All 8 stories are unique and the different play styles keep the game fresh! Also fan of the art styles, hope to see volume 2 soon! Personal favorite for this year!


Wow! Personal favorite this year! Sheesh. Thank you! I really hope you enjoy what's to come from me :)


Hi very cool game, and all experience are rock solid to me. But, what about the number in the credits? 04230909 feel like im missing something hahaha. anyway good work


I appreciate it :D"
Hehehe, no you didnt miss anything!
;) most chapters talked about 423 or 995(0909 will appear at a later date) in the world! It has 2 meanings!
1. it's part of the world and will continue in my horror games for a reason!
2.  in real life, it's a sentimental value :)


ahhhh i see. Very nice of you to explain. Good to see that, as true artists do, you "hide" a bit of yourself in the things you create. Very curious for the next projects. It cool.


This was a wonderful surprise! Although rough around the edges at times, there's a lot of variety here. Some of these really got to me. Great work!

I would happily play a volume 2.


:) thanksssss! I replied on youtube! I hope you do! Vol. 2 should be a great addition!!!

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This has a lot of potential. It's got some clever mechanics and it's genuinely terrifying at times but it needs a little more polish. 

My biggest issue at the moment is the painfully slow walking speed in a lot of the stories (A Sheep's Gun and Split Screen especially).

Also there's a bug in A Sheep's Gun which prevents you from reloading after opening the door with the burning crucifix on the ground (so you end up running out of bullets on your way out).

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Hey!!! Thanks for the feedback!
I can increase the walk speed! I can increase it in the beginning of splitscreen before things start getting hectic then slow it down! Sheeps gun goes by fast, I didnt think it would be an issue, but I can adjust all the walk speeds by like 15-20 percent! I'll look into the bug tomorrow! :) Anything other thoughts? Like what kind of other polish? Since this may help on steam release! :o
*Bug Fixed.


Awesome, thanks for the update. Will check it out.

As far as other feedback goes, personally I'd prefer:

A better flashlight/wider viewing distance in Split Screen.

I found Intermission very confusing and gave up on it. It seemed overly complicated and when trying to press the direction arrows they often didn't work. Would recommend Allowing players to use the arrow keys on their keyboard as inputs or at least making it more obvious which way the arrows are facing.

I Think I hit Something was fun, could probably do with tightening up some of the jump scares (and maybe removing a few).

I really like the concept of Don't Look UP, but the ending doesn't really land at the moment. Not sure what you could do to fix it. I think you probably need to see something genuinely jaw-dropping up there (maybe a giant cosmic horror entity).

Just a Peep was pretty cool. The ending could probably be tightened up though.

I absolutely love Repeat.Repeat.Compulsion. Could probably do with a couple of checkpoints though.

I really love a Sheep's Gun too. Very tense and unsettling atmosphere. The only other thing I'd add is a walk cycle for the girl because she just kinda slides across the floor at the moment!

I Didn't See Alone/White Canvas. Is that actually in the game?

Sorry if the feedback comes across as overly critical. I know you're a solo game dev, so creating 8 unique games is a pretty massive project and I really love certain parts of it. I also plan to go a gameplay video on my YouTube channel at some point. :)

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No problem!!! ;D The Criticism is super valid. I actually LOVE that you took the time to write it out for me! And thank you for the upcoming video, the publicity helps so much!!!!! I actually have known your website/channel for years now hehe I appreciate it!

Splitscreen: I can add a bit more distance or like you said, a wider look. Easy peasy.

Intermission: Is super simple,if it attacks a direction, block that direction. if it defends, attack the opposite direction. I think I just need to make the tutorial easier! I will remove the rotation of the up and down arrows to not confuse players. You also have to walk to the cards to interact with them, the slow movement is part of the gameplay, since the timer can hit zero if youre too late. So Ill fix these things! easy!

I think I hit something: I think there's some small improvements to add, but I'm happy with the outcome!

Dont look UP: I  know exactly how to terrify players at the end. I just ran out of time to add it, BUT if it will improve it, and hopefully get players to buy this game... I will add it!!!

Just a peep: I feel like it ends abruptly? I can add more tension or a small build up.

RRC: I had fun with this!! :) Thank you thank you! I agree, the repeating can be a drag, but its part of the story and gameplay ;D I might leave it be for now!

Sheep's gun: This chapter beat me up, Took the longest to do. I just forgot to press a button in the code to add the walk cycle, cause its in there haha woops! I can fix that!

Alone: its a sub chapter of splitscreen. After the elevator, you were in a white room. At least I hope you were ;D

Again thank you, I will add, and adjust certain things these next few days, I think I can finish all of this by the end of the week!
I dont know if you recorded gameplay already, but if not, wait til the next update, everything should be settled by then.
AND again thank you so much! DM me anytime for a chat :)


Glad to have helped. Sure, no problem at all, will wait for the update before I record anything. Keep up the great work! :)


Okay! Fixed the walk cycle bug. Tinkered with some stuffs!