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Wow, this game's really good! It's so bizarre but that also made me enjoy it even more. That was a very interesting experience. I can't wait to see what you do next!

A minor complaint.. the audio levels could use some adjusting. Some dialogue was really low and then other sounds like footsteps come in loud in some parts. It's not a big deal but just wanted to mention it. My video doesn't really represent what I'm talking about because I adjusted the audio throughout it but consistent audio levels would make this game even better. It's already an amazing game as it is though. (I played before the recent update so I don't know if the audio has already been adjusted)


Thanks for the video and criticism, if you're talking about the footsteps from morning to night, it was purposely made that way :)


Otro gran juego! me encanta lo que están haciendo y pareciera que todos los juegos están conectados a una misma catástrofe pero con diferentes historias 

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Ertirely worth the wait. I was massively impressed with this game. As unusual as it is for my channel, I left this playthrough almost completely unedited because you dont mess with art. I hope youll keep up these experimental horror games!


I had quite the experience playing this game. It was so freaking dark and I know that was the whole point of it but I’m way too blind to deal with this lol overall great game with a very strange concept. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 


I loved See No Fear and this one was just as amazing if not better. I don't know how you come up with these but you are so amazing at making these horror games. The style is fantastic and the horror tension you build is just insane. Fantastic job can't wait to see what you make next!


This game genuinely scared me and almost made me not want to play it. This is the second game I play from this developer and it didn't disappoint


so i think you may be one of the most talented devs on itch your use of sound and atmosphere is unreal and the qaulity of voice acting aswel really adds to this, i have loved every bit of the bite size terrors and i cant wait to see whats next!


Really interesting experience. I'm not the first to say it here but was definitely getting some Skinamarink vibes throughout. Got confused at points in where to go but definitely enjoyed the game, was worth the money 


Wow, another amazing game! this one was definitely the most cinematic experience so far, and in my opinion the least scary.

I really loved all the voice acting, and the way the characters twitch around was really great. The idea is amazing and unsettling. Got me thinking.

One thing I noticed is a problem I have with a lot of your games, and carries over to this one was that it was very confusing sometimes on what I was supposed to be doing. For example, when the lights go off the second time and you have to find the kid.

Also, this game could benefit from some camera shake, as it feels a little to static for me given the urgency of the situation.

I loved the influence, and could definitely feel some Skinamarink in there as well as The Backrooms, and it was just a very fun combination of ideas.

Can't wait to see what you make next!


The music and voices, the changing atmosphere. It was all very unsettling, good job :). Can't wait for your next game.


AMAZING. You did it again man... Here is my video!

Maybe you dont understand because im from Spain :P but i love your games.. I have some of your games in my channel! Waiting for the next one!!!


Playing this tomorrow %100

how long is this game?

approx 15-20 mins depending on what you do.

You can replay it also ,since some scares alter depending on some choices. :)


anOVERTHINKER releases a new game. I buy it 5 minutes later.

;D I hope everything works!!! I'll be waiting to watch your video!

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