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A Stylized Horror Survival.
Survive in a Random Generated House.
Choose Your Weapons Carefully.
Shhh, Don't Create Noise,
Creatures Of The Night Lurk.


Try to escape the house by reaching one of the escape points. OH! But be careful, 2 of the 3 escapes are... how do I say this.. fake? If you reach that point, you'll find out hopefully hehe.


‣ Randomly-Generated House On Each Playthrough.
‣ Multiple Items to use.
‣ 2.5 Style.
‣ Different Monsters

This game is Still very Early in game development.
1 Year in Development.
2 Peep Team.
Alpha v0.2
A Few "Ghost" Bugs are haunting the code for now...


Monsters can hear noise.
Examples: Kicking objects, quickly opening doors/slamming them, running, trying to use a escape.
Collect The Objective items to escape.
You may hide in beds & bathtubs.
There are locked doors, the ai can open and walk through them, the player cannot, unlock the doors first.

KeyBoard Binding!
A: Drop Items
S: Use Item/Close Searched Dressers, Cabinets etc.
D: Interact
1234: Switch Between Inventory Slots.
W:Switch to Item in Inventory To The Left
E: Switch to Items in Inventory To The Right
Arrows: Move
Left Shift: Run

Q: I need this NOW! When is the Release Date?
A: We are aiming for Q4 2021. 

A: Well Jimmy, we don't have an estimate yet, BUTT, we do love customization & collecting in games. We drive off that sh$t! Just get ready for Wacky, fun, boring, day to day life items included :)

Q: I just see one type of House. Will there be more?
A: Of course there will be silly. We have multiple themes thought up already, including
structures, furniture & monsters that live there.

Q: More Monsters too?
A: Jimmy! Come on, of course! A ton in fact. 

Q: Sorry, one more question. Monster Behaviors?
A: No worries Jimmy, not like we have other people asking these questions!
Each Monster has their own skill & Behavior :) Careful now. 

Q: Is this style close to representation of the full game laddie?
A: That is a good looking question. Not that jimmy's questions are bad or anything, but this is great.
Things are always subject to change.
Yes & no? It's definitely getting there in terms of Colors/3d Models!
Animation & Characters will change. They are only temporary. 


Q: Where can we support you?
A: Awww really? If you really mean it,
You can either Follow us or Follow us! 
Click any Icon Below to open it's link!

Support Us You Monsters! :)


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Feel free to talk to me about anything :),
Just a DM away.
xo, Sergio

Bigger Known Issues: 
1.Ai walks in place. Easily Fixed by hearing you, letting them see you. This should only happen when they first spawn or Navigation did not spawn at stairs.
2. 1/100th chance of the game not loading.(Let me know if you see the debug on the top left of the screen & what it says please :) )


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Hi guys. Just played your game. I love the visual style, and the random way in which place you spawn. I can see it being a nice little game to pick up if you have a spare moment. The enemy AI isn't very forgiving, I quickly got annoyed at how quickly they catch you which made me quit. Maybe have the enemy start slow and gradually get faster the more you progress to make the player feel like they are getting some game time and not constantly losing.

The weapons seemed to largely do the same thing, slow the enemy for literally a second or two, not really enough time to do anything of importance like escape the room.

I'd be interested to see more, but it definitely needs the difficulty dialling down from the start. I didn't play it for long because it just annoyed me which is a shame.

Love the graphics though. Brilliant.

Hey there thanks for playing!!!

The game is challenging, So walking and hiding is mostly what you'll be doing & items are your last bet!

I do agree that some items need more stunning time & I am working on it. ( like the beartrap and the golf club.)

There will be a ton more items in the future that will make the game "easier".

Audio is key. Hearing if they're close to you as if there is an actual monster/ai in your house.

Each monster has their own strengths and weaknesses. So figuring that out is part of the fun. 

Level design will also give players leverage in the future, which we are carefully constructing right now.

We appreciate your feedback! :D

Hey, I tried to make a video on your game and it just didn't work out. But I wanted to drop by and tell you this is a really cool concept and I want to come back and check it out again when it's a little more polished. I really like what's here so far!


Much love <3 :) No worries! As long as you tried, we appreciate it! This page will be updated in a few months when the game feels/looks finalized. ^_^